miercuri, 2 iulie 2014

WeChat for PC- Guide to Setup Application

WeChat has become quite famous, especially these days, when people are looking eagerly to find new ways to chat for free, without having to sign up with new carrier plans. In this respect, all those instant messaging apps are more than useful. Having such an application installed, we will be able to chat free of charge, share images as well as to browse through social media networks.

While some people focus on other similar services, more than 200 million users have decided to use WeChat. This amazing application gives us a wide array of features, options, and functionalities. Moreover, the good part is that now, we can have the same options even on our computer, by installing WeChat for PC. Yes. This is true. We can download WeChat for PC and use the service in the same manner as we use it on our smart devices.

The very fist step in getting this amazing service installed on our devices is to make use of the Android emulator. In this case, you can choose to download Bluestacks, one of the most famous Android emulators, which will allow you to install mobile apps and games right on your computer.

With the emulator installed, you need to open the App Player and a shortcut will be created on the desktop. Just search for WeChat in the search bar and the official WeChat application will be displayed on the screen. Select the official app and click on the install button. This will install WeChat on Windows in a couple of minutes.

Afterwards, you need to sign in. If you already have a WeChat account, you can use that one, but if you do not, you can use your Facebook account, email address or phone number. It all depends on you, on how much you want to share with your contacts. If you want more people to find you, you can use the Facebook account, but if you want more privacy, you can go with your phone number, since only those people who you want to contact will be displayed.

WeChat will give us access to an array of options, features, and functionalities. Its main purpose is to allow people to start live chat with others. You get to send unlimited text messages, and all of them free of charge. In the same time, you can create chat history copies to keep a clean record on what have you been discussing with others.

In the same time, WeChat for PC allows us to initiate voice chat and video calls. I am sure that most of you will appreciate this option better, especially since it comes in hand, when you are tired of texting.
In the last part, I want to mention the fact that this amazing instant messaging service allows you to share photos, videos, audio files and much more. You can even sync with other social media apps in order to have everything in the same place. You can browse through your Facebook newsfeed, share posts, like photos, and submit comments right from the WeChat windows.

joi, 5 iunie 2014

WeChat On PC, Bluestacks, YouWave – Anything You Need to Know

All those messenger apps we have available have changed a lot during time, and they have changed the way in which we communicated with our friends. Now, instead of calling, we choose to leave a message for the respective problem, and the recipient receives the text and answers in its convenient time. For this, we have plenty of choices available, and it is quite hard to decide which one is the best one.

I want to present you WeChat, the Chinese alternative for Whatsapp, but offering the same services. It is natural to want to explore new things, and WeChat allows us to take advantage of many other new and exciting features. For this reason, I also want to tell you that we can install WeChat on PC, and use it in the same way as we use the application on our Smartphones.

All we have to do to achieve this possibility is to download the application on our computers, configure it by entering a username and a password, and everything is set. We can chat with our friends, initiate video calls, live chat with a group or people, and much more. WeChat offers plenty of exciting features to try out, and getting it installed on a personal computer takes up to 10 minutes. At the end, it will be easier for you to manage the communication without reaching out for your mobile devices every now and then.

However, if you consider trying this alternative, I want to tell you a couple of things. First of all, you do not get to install WeChat on PC just like that. I mean, you cannot download WeChat on PC free unless you make use of an Android emulator. This emulator will make your computer act as an Android device, and it will allow you to install various mobile applications, in this case, WeChat on PC.

For this, we have YouWave or Bluestacks, two of the most used and popular Android emulators available at this time. Each one of them brings you basically the same alternative: to install mobile applications on a desktop computer. However, they are different by essence, and you need to know a couple of things before you choose one.

First, Bluestacks is free of charge. If you download this program, you do not have to pay a dime. Next, the program is actually easy to use, and it displays a clean interface. The bad part with this emulator is the fact that it requires too much RAM memory, and most people might not be eligible for it.
The second one is a little bit lighter and it can be installed on pretty much any time of computer and operating system. It requires fewer resources, it is again easy to use, but it costs money. If you are willing to spend a couple of dollars on it, then you definitely be satisfied.

Despite the emulator you choose to use, you will gain the possibility to install WeChat on PC in a couple of minutes. The program runs in the same manner as the mobile version, and users will gain the same options and features. Enjoy WeChat on PC and keep in touch with friends from all over the world.

miercuri, 30 aprilie 2014

Free Guide to Install WeChat on Computer

WeChat has recently entered in the world of messaging services along with Whatsapp, Viber, and BBM. For that reason, many users started to register to the service in order to connect with their friends and family. Within this article, I want to show you how you can download and install WeChat on Computer free of charge.

The service focuses primarily on chatting, but along with this feature, it includes many other options and features, as well. In fact, it is a social networking and personal chatting application, which is used on a daily basis by million of users all around the world. For that reason, I want to show you how you can make use of the same benefits on a personal computer.

However, before we start with the installation process, I want to tell you a couple of things. As this app is not officially launched for a desktop computer, in order to download and install WeChat for PC, you need to install an Android emulator on your computer. This will allow you to install any third party application right on your computer.

Install WeChat for PC – Free & Easy Guide

I know that you all love simple and easy things and for that reason I will show you to install this amazing messaging service the easy way. Perhaps the fact that you need to install an emulator might sound a little bit complicated, but, in fact, this is the only thing you have to do in order to get access to all those great mobile apps, including WeChat.

As long as you follow the instructions bellow each and every step, you will succeed in bringing WeChat on your personal computer. In this case, we will use Bluestacks, since it is a free emulator and it is the most downloaded of them all.

1. Download Bluestacks and install the emulator on your computer. The installation is the same as with any other program. Click on Next until you see Bluestacks installed. This is supposed to take you around 2 minutes.

2. With Bluestacks installed run the application. In some cases, it is required to create a Bluestacks account which will help you synchronize your Google account in order to have access to the list of installed apps and games.

3. Go to “My Apps” and search for “WeChat”. This will render you a couple of results. Choose the first on and click on the Install button next to the application.

4. Download WeChat and install it into your computer.

5. This is all. Now you can launch WeChat on PC in the same way as you use any other messaging service.

As you can see, this process is not that complicated. Now, with Bluestacks installed on your desktop computer, you can easily search for other interesting and useful applications that you use on your Smartphone. Bluestacks is an interface between all those mobile application and your computer. Feel free to use WeChat on PC in order to connect to all your friends that share the same messaging service.

miercuri, 9 aprilie 2014

WeChat for PC Features and Options

WeChat is one of the latest social networking apps, which has entered in the messaging field a few years ago. In this respect, the application now has more than 600 million active users all over the world. However, even with this impressive numbers, WeChat is still not available for PC. If you are interested in taking WeChat on PC, you have now this simple possibility.

The service can be easily used on a desktop computer using the Bluestacks Android emulator. The emulator’s job is to make your computer act as an Android device. Once you have the emulator installed, you are almost done. All you have to do is to search for the application itself and download it on your desktop computer.

As a second alternative, you can easily download the WeChat for PC apk file. This is simpler and easier, but people still choose to download Bluestacks first mostly because they have the option of searching and downloading other useful mobile applications. It is worth mentioning the fact that WeChat does not rely on a phone number. In order to make this messaging application work on your Windows based computer, all you have to do is to create a unique username, and that is it.

Features of WeChat for PC

Before you start to download WeChat for PC, I am sure that you would want to learn more things regarding this amazing service. Here are some of the most important features of this app you can enjoy on your computer.

- Since it is a messaging service, its main feature is to give users the ability to send and receive free messages to friends anywhere anytime. In fact, you can send unlimited messages free of charge, right from your computer. Using a big display and a bigger keyboard, you can send and type messages without getting a hitch.

- Along with the messaging features, users can send emoticons, videos, as well as smiley faces. These features can be accessed from the chat window on the WeChat for PC screen.

- As I mentioned above, the installation process is actually pretty simple and easy. As soon as you install WeChat for PC, you will manage to work with it in an easy manner, since the application is rather simple.
- Another interesting feature offered by WeChat for PC is the possibility to send free voice and video messages to all friends from all over the world, friends that are registered to the service. Video and voice calls come with a high quality, but it depends on the internet speed.

- With WeChat for PC, users are able to create groups and handouts with friends, in order to communicate with groups of friends. The “Shake” feature in WeChat allows users to search for people around their location who are using the same feature at the same time.

As long as you follow the steps mentioned on out tutorial, you will be able to free download WeChat for PC easily. As you have noticed, the process of installation is rather simple and it can be performed in a couple of minutes.

sâmbătă, 15 martie 2014

How to Install WeChat on PC Free

WeChat is a famous service that allows users to send free messages, voice calls or audio records. Initially, it was designed exclusively for mobile-use only, but now, the application can be easily installed on PC. If you want to download WeChat for PC, you have come to the right place. I will show you how you can install WeChat on Windows free, in only a couple of minutes.
This amazing service allows users to send and receive voice or text messages to any other user that is registered to WeChat. In the same time, the service gives users the possibility to animate their text messages with joyful smiley icons, as well as to send pictures and videos. In the same time, users can use the real walkie-talkie mode while talking to around 40 random WeChat friends. WeChat users can also share, comment, and like the content that their friends are sharing.
If you are interesting in getting WeChat on PC, here is how you do it. As a matter of fact, there are two methods you can choose from. In both cases, the installation process will last only a couple of minutes, you will not have to pay anything, and then you can easily enjoy of this amazing free messaging service.

Method 1

The first option is to download WeChat for PC apk file. For this, you can easily browse the internet since there are many sites providing the WeChat apk file. Next, you will have to install the executable file as you do with any other application. I know that this might sound actual pretty easy, and you will not want to read the second alternative. However, in some cases, users have encountered problems with this option. Therefore, it is advised to go straight to the second one in order to save some time.

Method 2

The second method involves downloading the Bluestacks emulator. The emulator’s job is to turn your desktop computer into an Android device. Again, the emulator can be found on multiple websites and it is easy to install. As long as you follow each step as indicated, you will successfully install Bluestacks on your pc.
Next, you will have to download WeChat for PC and install the service. Within the home page of Bluestacks, you will see the Search button. Use it in order to find WeChat. When you see the application, just click on the install button. This might take some minutes, but after, you will have WeChat on PC successfully installed. This is all. Now, you have WeChat on Windows. All you need to do is to configure the application in order to be able to use it.

How to Use WeChat for PC

Among WeChat for PC’s features, besides the regular messaging and voice calling features, users will be able to make use of numerous smiley icons, emoticons, and even pictures or videos with other friends that use the same program. In order to use WeChat on PC, you do not need a guide. The service is actually pretty simple and easy to use and you will get how it works right from the first use.
With WeChat for PC, users will also have the opportunity to use the newly embedded feature “Shake” this will help users to find other users that share and use the same feature. This can turn out to be pretty useful especially when you want to find interesting people around your area.
Moreover, users will have the chance to create different groups and communicate with other people while creating conference calls and chat groups. In what concerns the contacts topic, it is easy to synchronize your previous contacts. All you have to do is to synchronize your previous contacts by logging in to your account. If you already used the service on a mobile device, you can have the same contacts on WeChat for Pc only when you synchronize your account.

Keep in mind that WeChat for PC is not officially available, but as you can see, you can easily download it with the help of the Android emulator called Bluestacks. This will also allow users to install various other interesting mobile apps, apps that were initially designed for a mobile platform.